800 miles

I only post when I get cell service. It’s been sporadic at best.

Going into Glasgow VA and had to cross this pedestrian bridge and take a shuttle from the trailhead
Woohoo! Past 800 miles.
Can you tell I like bridges. Must be why I’m an engineer. This is a suspension one.
New fallen tree totally across the trail. Had to crawl through the branches.
Lots of hiking through the clouds with the recent rains
Has been raining for three days and is planned to rain for at least three more. Remember: “No pain, no rain, no Maine”

2 thoughts on “800 miles

  1. Hi Bri. We missed a few days, now caught up. Went to Roger s APO 49th reunion at poly brooklyn. He enjoyed visiting, but glad we live in a less congested hudson valley. WooHoo you are really making progress! Hope our timing works out here to visit with you and cook a good meal. Spag &meatballs? Let me know.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you and taking you to dinner, but we can decide if and when I’m there.

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