Ten by ten

A couple of days ago I finally did 10 miles by 10 o’clock AKA “Ten by ten”. Whether it was my prowess, the weather, the trail, I’ll take it!

Just outside of Daleville I came across this “sign”. Yup, I’ve complete 1/3 of the Appalachian Trail.
Early morning from up high. Almost all the time I’m in the “shaded green tunnel” so when I pop out and have a view I can’t help myself and have to take a picture.
I found this AT thru-hiker on the trail and could resist taking his picture. Now I can honestly say that I’m not the slowest hiker on the trail!
Wow, another view of valleys and thousands of green trees. Again I must have broken through the tunnel and got a glimpse of the bigger world around me
So I’m standing on the trail looking down and all I see is a sea of green leaves. Somehow that struck my fancy and so I took this picture of it. Why you ask? I have no idea.
At the top of today’s climb I expected to be in a forest or maybe even a meadow. I didn’t expect to see this “installation”
Hmmm, should I go under this? Sure, what the heck hundred or thousands of other hikers have chanced it. Would you? By the way, a hiker was climbing up as I took this picture to sit/stand on this precarious boulder

4 thoughts on “Ten by ten

  1. Quite an accomplishment to have gone 1/3 of the way so far, Brian. Hope you enjoyed your quick trip to Texas. Happy hiking on the next stretch.

  2. Thanks and yes Kathy and I had a very good but very short time together seeing Hamilton.

  3. Congrats on 1/3rd! Also you are faster than a turtle – dont beat yourself up, you are doing it, so proud.

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