Chewed up feet

A few days ago leaving Pearisburg early in the morning I had to cross a highway bridge just as the sun appeared. I was lugging 6 1/2 days of food, my heaviest
This is my sad attempt at repairing the hole in my left shoe. It didn’t work and the tape is now lost somewhere on trail. Since then I’m hiking with a big hole there and accepting the debris I collect.
Getting ready for bed. I wear a fleece hat. My pillow is my cold gear stuff sack with a handmade pillow case on it. My hat is behind me and hold all my pick stuff including my phone, glasses, etc. That’s a nasal strip to help me breathe at night – I got small nostrils. And I sleep in my hiking clothes – yup I wear the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Simple trail magic. The cooler had more fruit, sodas, Gatorade, beer, and candy. They even provided a garbage can. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything but should have.
The trail becomes rock. I’m not very stable, that is, I have terrible balance. I use hiking poles to help me – I call them hiking canes. Do you see the white blaze on the rock? I’ve got to get up and go that way. And do it very carefully!
TRAIL MAGIC EXTRAORDINAIRE: tents, chairs, gas stove, sodas, pizza, donuts, and on and on and on. Hosted by Briar Patch and his friend John. It brightened the spirits of all hikers and put a bounce in my step as I left smiling and full.
My trail buddy Lex, heading out separately. I’m heading home for Hamilton and he is heading on. We’ve shared part of this journey together. He’s a good man and hiker. Safe Journey my friend.
This is Scribe. He is a trail maintainer. Today among other things he was painting WHITE BLAZES! Thank you Scribe.

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  1. even though our camping days are done, we still travel with a small roll of duct tape. Used it going to colorado. Had to tape the wheels of my rolling carryon because they were disintegrating as we walked thru newark airport. It works, still use that suitcase sometimes. hahahaha.
    ENJOY Hamilton! You’ve earned it!

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