In Pearisburg VA

Down, down, down I hiked into the outskirts of the town of Pearisburg VA. Then a 0.7 mile hike on Cross Avenue to the Plaza Motel where I got my laundry done and a shower. Across the street I resupplied at the Food Lion. I got 6 1/2 days of food. OMG it is so heavy. And tomorrow I have to lug it back up into the mountains.

In the early morning before descending. Somewhere down thereto the left is Pearisburg VA. The descent was rocky, steep and treacherous.
This is what 600 miles of hiking does to Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes. Note: holes in toe box that let in dust, dirt and small stones; oh, and sticks can get stuck in the holes. P.S. you can’t appreciate the shocking aroma that they produce.
Another mature hiker, Wilson – as in the volleyball, who I have been camping and talking with for the past few days.