Even before I started hiking the Appalachian Trail Kathy and I knew about Broadway Across America’s performance of Hamilton on May 31st. So as part of my hike plan I said I would return to Austin to attend this special musical.

I started the trail on April 14th and found that it was much harder than expected. On average I was doing 16 miles per day unlike my 20 mpd on the PCT. So on May 1st I had enough experience and I calculated that I need to do 16 mpd EACH AND EVERYDAY UNTIL I LEFT FOR AUSTIN! OMG! No zero days! So that’s what I did. I needed to grind out those miles.

I’m now seven days from leaving. And it looks like I’m going to make it. I’ve reserved a room at the Roanoke airport for May 29th and a flight on May 30th. Kathy is sending me travel clothes to the hotel. All is set.

Then I return on June 1st and right back into it, because I’ll be meeting Art and his family on June 21-23 at Greenbrier State Park in Maryland. Again this is going to be all I can do to get there on June 21st. But that’s what I want to do. No zeroes. I need to grind out those miles again.

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  1. Don’t forget Your Massachusetts pit crew and walking companion! We’ll get you resupplied and ready for the NH Whites to come! -Mark

  2. I think you’ll be OK, the miles are relatively easy once you hit Shenandoah National Park all the way to I70 (Greenbrier SP), with one or two exceptions (most notably the Roller Coaster in NoVa). I’ll bet that your average mpd will increase substantially then.

    Regardless, I do want to see you, hopefully to hike with you one day. I promise not to slow you down, because I know your schedule is tight. Coming off the AZT, I’m in good shape and I’ll be backpacking the Loyalsock Trail in PA June 7-12. Also, let me know if I can do anything for you while you’re in my territory, Swift Run Gap to Southern PA.

    Turns out I made good use of Justin’s posts about snow conditions beyond the Grand Canyon North Rim without realizing I was doing so, because I didn’t recognize Stephanie’s last name on Facebook or remember his trail name, Bearded Yucca. He finished 5 days ahead of me.

  3. Re: meetup, I just can’t say, but I could sure use some help along the way to get to Greenbrier SP

  4. OK, let me know what I can do, via email, text (I’ll email my cell), or here. With sufficient heads up, I can shuttle you (some limits) on the 13th and 14th and (no limits) June 15-21. I’m on my Loyalsock Trail hike from 7-12 and have a mid-day appointment on the 13th (but might have time to help later in the afternoon or evening). I need to go to my granddaughter’s recital the evening of the 14th, but can help earlier in the day if needed.

  5. Thanks for your info. I’m in Daleville now and will fly home tomorrow. I’ve got a rough plan to get to Greenbrier SP and will send it to you after the next set of changes and ask for your comments. Right now it looks doable in general (leaving on June 1 and arriving there on June 21) but you might know better. As for direct assistance that’s totally up in the air or if that’s even necessary. But first… I just got to my hotel and a shower is needed. More later…

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