Heading into Pearisburg VA

Almost to Pearisburg VA for my next resupply. I am camping 16 miles away to be there after finishing tomorrow’s hike. Then Lex and I will share a room, get showers, have our laundry done, do our resupply, and leave the following morning – Me to begin my staging for home in seven days, and Lex to continue hiking north solo.

Neat wooden and cable suspension bridge. This is Wilson just before he splits off to Trent’s Grocery and the Mountain Dew that he is going to get there. He loves Mountain Dew.
Selfie after 600 miles of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail

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  1. Tartan, Are you taking a break from the trail and then returning? You are closing in on my stomping grounds and I was hoping to see you, if only briefly. Regards, Bilbo

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