All I do is eat all day long. I have to feed my hiking engine. Breakfast at 6 AM, Clif bar snack at 8 AM, Granola bar snack at 10 AM, Lunch at Noon, Candy snack at 2 PM, and Dinner about 5 PM.

Sometime I take a picture of the view and completely forget why I took it. This is the case for this picture.
Sometimes the trail crosses train tracks. Look both ways. Listen both ways. Then cross
This morning I got a cell signal at the lookout. The view was nice and I sent a message to my middle son telling him he is in my thoughts and wishes today
Climbing the pastures in the morning is like walking through a stream. Each blade of grass has dew on it and soon your pants, shoes and socks are sopping wet.
Yet another obstacle to surmount. Between farmer’s field you need to carefully climb up, get your pols over, turn around, and climb down. With 30 lb. pack this can be awkward
I just thought this look neat. The twisted ruins of a fallen tree and the blooms of the rhododendrons. By the way it was easy to cross.
Tonight I’m staying at Chestnut Knob Shelter at 4400’ elevation and a nice view
The Chestnut Knob Shelter is a building with a door unlike most shelters with just three sides

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  1. Tartan, the photos are beautiful–low hanging clouds always catch my eye!

    Sometime you can explain a triangular building with what looks like a square roof?

    Eat more!

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