And there he goes again into the mountains

In Damascus the streets are paved with AT as it runs through town (not really it’s just the sidewalks)
The AT has many bridges to cross streams versus the PCT where you had to wade across
Sine the start in Georgia I’ve been passing thousands of rhododendrons and finally they are starting to bloom. More signs Spring is here
More on the obstacle course… if you think the trail fairies and elves make the trail flat and manicures, sorry, it is rocks and other things constantly
For example riots, I’ve got to watch not to twist an ankle
And then there are the dreaded steps, both up and down, hikers hate them and try to hike on the edges to make a ramp
The Greyson Highland has ponies and they come right up to you. You are not supposed to feed or pet them but you can tell by their nuzzles that they have been
Same view ithout the pony in it – ha!
Yet another minor obstacle, crossing small streams by leaping from rock to rock. Because I’m unsteady I carefully step. Which rocks would you use?
My roomie in Marion VA at mile 534, Lex, a very nice guy