Made it to Virginia

Two days of rain means wet feet all day, splashing in trail puddles, oozing mucky trail, and at the end of the day taking off those gawd awful filthy shoes, wet gaiters and sopping socks
The AT is one of the worlds longest obstacle courses. For hours on end you encounter things to go over, go around or go under. In this case I chose to go over as did the hiker in front of me. There are tens if not hundreds of things like this to negotiate each day. It keeps you mentally busy and in the moment. The muck added a bit extra zest.
Today I am Damascus VA at mile 472. It was a tough hike because of the rain and a kink in my back. So instead of resupplying and going on I’m staying at the Woodchuck hostel where I got a shower, washed my clothes, resupplied, and met a few other hikers in a multi bed dormitory.

5 thoughts on “Made it to Virginia

  1. Hi Brian, just checking in. There was a murder on the AT in Virginia on 5/12 and the murderer has been caught. Please post your status!

  2. Congratulations on reaching Virginia! It is an important milestone. Best wishes for drier weather.

  3. Tarlton, your pictures are beautiful, but what misery to have rainy day after rainy day. I cannot imagine with all of my hiking experience being in the arid West.

    Beware of the crazy on the AT–know you have heard.

  4. I’m fine. I was at mile 430 and the crime was 150 miles further north. And they have the suspect

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