Heading to and leaving Hampton TN

Somewhere outside of Hampton TN I just thought the view was pretty
Going into Hampton TN you walk by the Laurel River. The sounds of river water is so calming and nice
Down many many uneven stone steps and you see Laurel Falls
Everyday you need liters of water. Here is a typical source. Can you see the leaf that makes a spout to fill your bottle easily. After that you filter it and chugalug. Yum!
After leaving Hampton TN you need to climb over this mountain where you get to see this lake far below.
And then three miles later and one and one half hours of hiking you are walking beside this same lake
The lake is the result of an earthen Dam which the trail goes across
The view from behind our shelter. We’re back up high again with the lake in the distance. There is a hundred foot drop off, but these youthful hikers are just relaxing and enjoying the sights

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