Ladera Norte – Far West

More hills today. This time it was down Ladera Norte and up Far West, and then repeat 4 times for a total of 8 climbs and about 10.5 miles. I have to keep this up until I leave on April 13th because the AT has some serious hills.

What was special is that when I was about half-way I met two ladies, Jane and Ada, who asked if I was planning I hike. I’m hard to miss now with my full pack and hiker trash clothing – some people might think I’m a homeless hobo. I said that I was going to hike the AT (Appalachian Trail). They asked how much of it, and I replied the whole thing from Georgia to Maine. They said, “Wow!” It’s always fun to meet curious people and tell them about my upcoming grand adventure. And one of them, Ada, was really interested in doing some of the Appalachian Trail herself as a section hiker since she working. I gave her my blog address if she wants to follow me. So, Ada, if you read this you might want to post a comment here – to just to say hi. Also there are others in Austin who are interested in hiking (FB Austin Long Distance Hiking group: and backpacking (Austin Backpackers meet-up: They are good people who you could meet and learn more about hiking and backpacking. Thank you again. You gave me a nice break, and I always enjoy talking about the trail. All the best to you both.