The plan comes together

Although it will change on trail, I wanted to put a rough plan together of where I’d be stopping for resupply. I’ll be doing resupply-as-you-go, which means I’ll buy at stores in towns along the trail as I hike by them. This is as opposed to sending myself boxes of food from home. Depending upon the distance to the town I will sometimes have to hitchhike to town.

There were many choices of towns and I somewhat randomly picked ones that were about 50-100 miles apart. I integrated material from AWOL for each one, such as, the mile marker, exit point description and distance. Also I read a few posts from other hikers for recommendations. For example, Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Resupply Points, and Appalachian Trail Post Offices. Finally I talked with another local thru-hiker, thanks Paul L., and got his suggestions.

So here is my hiking plan. It is a spreadsheet and includes the mile marker and mileage to the next resupply. Having the town-to-town mileage is crucial in estimating the amount of hiking days and therefore the number of meals (breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, and dinner) that I will need.

AT Hike Plan