Sewing a pillow case

I’m getting ready for my hike. Equipment, also known as gear, is a big part of it. I’ve been planning what gear I’ll need (Gear List). Since I’m leaving in less than a month, I’d better get everything prepared and ready.

Today I worked on sewing a pillow case. I have a 5L stuff stack that typically contains my down jacket, hat, gloves and a few other soft things. The sack keeps the contents dry if it rains. This sack is essential, because I know it’s going to rain – a lot. However it’s always good to have multiple uses for your equipment. So at night I use this sack as my pillow.

To make it more comfortable I created a custom pillow case. The case has a black circular bottom, plaid material sides (my favorite pattern, because my trail name is “Tartan”) and a drawstring around the top. Previously I had made it too long so today I shortened it. I needed to recut the top, turn it inside out and restitch the drawstring channel on the sewing machine.

Sewing the drawstring channel with the pillow case inside out

Next I had to rethread the drawstring, reattach a cord lock and re-tie a knot in the drawstring to keep on the cord lock, and turn it right side out. Afterwards I put it back over my stuff sack. It just fits and the drawstring holds it in tight. It’s not a big pillow. Just enough to keep my head off the ground. I enjoy doing work like this. It makes my gear special and unique. Sweet!

It’s not a big pillow. Just a small one but it’s just right for me